A Fork in the Road


Action / Comedy / Crime

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Jaime King as April Rogers
Missi Pyle as Nola
Kari Wuhrer as Deputy
Josh Cooke as Will Carson
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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

a few moments of fun comedy

Will Carson (Josh Cooke) is a convict who escapes after a car crash. He finds April Rogers (Jaime King) stuffing Martin Cheeder (Daniel Roebuck) into her car trunk. Will assumed Martin to be her husband but he turns out to be blackmailing her and is still alive. That soon changes when Martin drowns himself accidentally. Things keep getting more complicated when April's husband Karl Rogers (Silas Weir Mitchell) goes home and mistakenly assumes that April is having an affair with Martin. Of course, Karl is actually cheating on April with Nola (Missi Pyle) who turns out to be April's sister. The complications do not stop as the cops try to figure exactly what's going on.

The movie needs to calm down the wacky comedy music. This could have been a good black comedy but the music keeps stepping on it. If I want to enjoy the wild black comedy, I don't want to be have a flashing sign pointing at it. Jaime King is a pretty good comedic actress and Josh Cooke isn't that bad. They are good together for the most part. I'm just not that impressed with Jim Kouf's writing or directing. He's trying too hard and not quite getting the comedy right. It's a wacky bumbling crime drama with a few moments of fun comedy.

Reviewed by carbuff 9 / 10

Unlike so many movies, it gets better as it goes on.

This started out pretty mediocre but just kept getting better as it progressed.

Initially it seemed to me like the female lead was doing a Michelle Pfeiffer routine, while the male lead was doing a Ben Stiller one, and that was a bit grating, but as it went along they came into their own, and I wound up liking both of them much, much more than I like either Pfeiffer or Stiller. (I feel kind of bad hoping that neither of these two actors ever get a really big break, so that they don't get super- spoiled and transparently egotistical like most major Hollywood actors, tainting their future performances, because I liked them so much here.)

I would encourage you stick with this movie and let it develop, because it really just keeps getting better as is it builds steam with the odd turns in the plot. Some suspension of disbelief is required, of course, but it's not too unreasonable at all for a movie. This comedy really just simply succeeds with very winning main characters in a convoluted plot with a lot of "intelligent" laughs.

I don't want to sound like an old geezer whining about the good old days (I'm not even that old), but a basically wholesome movie like this (at least for the times we live in) with such likable performances from essentially unknown actors without the distractions of a bunch of mindless special effects is just the kind of treat I'm always looking for and have such a hard time finding--personally I would take a movie like this over a typical Hollywood blockbuster every single night of the week. The really sad thing is that you could probably make 20 of these for the same cost as one single Michael Bay flick. What is wrong with our world?

Reviewed by oowawa 9 / 10

hip and hilarious black comedy under a big Montana sky

What's not to like in this little but big film? It's very funny. The plot is tight and cohesive, and the script and dialog are never an embarrassment to anybody involved. There are implausible events, sure, but everyone and everything is working together so well that we are willing to suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride.

And what a ride it is! The actors appear to have a lot of fun making this, and every performance is strong. Jaime King is very appealing as the distressed damsel, kind of like a taller version of Reese Witherspoon, and she has us on her side immediately. She and costar Josh Cooke work very well together and we can feel their erotic chemistry slowly catalyze. Josh, the scruffy anti-hero, turns in a very strong comedic performance, intimating there is a lot of talent here for future leading-man roles, perhaps along the lines of Belmondo. Silas Weir Mitchell is very effective as Jaime's violent scumbag husband. His redneck rage is augmented by a loud comic percussive soundtrack that blasts forth every time he bursts into vengeful action.

Also very praiseworthy was the decision to cast Missi Pyle as Jaime King's sister. First of all, these actresses resemble each other so that they could easily be sisters. Missi is a wonderful presence on screen whenever she is cast. She is quite sexy and glamorous, but there is something strange in her glamor, something just a little bit "off," so that she seems to be almost a caricature of herself. This oddness is at the core of her appeal as a comedienne. If I see Missi's name in a film's cast of characters, it gives me additional incentive to seek that film out, and I am rarely disappointed. "A Fork in the Road" is a good example of that.

All in all, Hooray for "A Fork in the Road." I've already watched it three times, and I will watch it again in the future. Highly recommended!

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