A Dog's Purpose


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 41359


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Britt Robertson as Teen Hannah
Dennis Quaid as Adult Ethan
Josh Gad as Bailey / Buddy / Tino / Ellie
Peggy Lipton as Adult Hannah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by degosaithe-69094 10 / 10

Such a wonderful movie

My review was deleted as it seems since i cant find it. To any animal loving person out there, watch it. I've had 16 dogs in my lifetime and 5 cats. we had a bad disease going around in my country in 1992. post soviet republic, so everyone was struggling. but as a kid id always find strays or pups that i couldnt bear to see alone in the street, so id always bring them home (though my grandparents didnt like it much... they always let me keep them... until they died of to this day i have no idea of what disease). point being, when TMZ did that bullcrud story about this movie i was looking forward to it. then i wrote a review as many others did to counteract their hate campaign because i believed this would be a great movie to teach both children and adults to love animals. i have a straight up hatred for PETA. they misrepresent us who truly love animals and really do suffer when their friends die. My caucasian died 2 years ago.. he was part of our family and i was here in US. wasnt able to at least pet him while he passed. if you have any heart for any animal, this movie will move you. dont get me wrong, i fish, i havent gone to hunt but will and want to... however that doesnt mean that you hate animals. my caucasians were wonderful dogs, my cats were mostly feral that i wound up turning into domestic (took some time). im happy that there was such a good reception of this movie that from 1 star 1000s of votes it turned into an almost 7 star movie. its a great movie. do not believe what you read, watch the movie. it has me tearing up every couple of minutes and im a 190 pound, 6'1 not skinny but muscle bound man from soviet Georgia. i was never encouraged to be emotional, but just like the "father of the soldier" this movie gets me every time. have seen it many times when im feeling bad and it truly helps.

Reviewed by romained-49721 10 / 10

loved it!!!!

I love the storyline, I felt tears running at the end when he realized it was baily

Reviewed by duyhvtc 9 / 10

Greatest movie for dog lovers

Don't know what wrong with the rating. This movie should be rated above 8. Great story, great narrator, great dogs. I cried few times while watching.

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