A Dark Song


Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 7308


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Steve Oram as Joseph Solomon
Catherine Walker as Sophia Howard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davej-73208 10 / 10

I'd say not the kind of flick i usually go for but i'm guessing there isn't many like this one, at least not as insightful.

Wow what a great movie, the suspense could have lasted longer by kicking in a bit sooner (the horror scare vibe i mean) but then again this movie isn't about trying to scare the audience that way. The film really is worth watching and there were moments after it got going around 25 mins in that i thought this ain't my bag baby but i'm glad i stuck around. The girl was annoying at times by not doing everything 100 percent of what was asked of her but that just made her character more believable, the guy was great also and acting throughout was top. This is definitely one of those hidden gems you rarely come across, no doubt will be one of my fav films of 2018 although not exactly something i would want to rewatch after knowing what happens, a one and done but a great one at that. (plz excuse any grammar mistakes of any kind but i'm still dyslexic and a lazy one at that). Big thumbs up to the director, not an easy plot to succeed with, but it worked.

Reviewed by merkanculcu 1 / 10

The worst movie I ever seen

Calling this bullshitter as a horror movie is being unfaithful to all others. Just a piece of nonsense. It even does not deserve one star. I'd rate minus 10 if possible. Worst than worst, definitely. Do not waste your time by watching this sh.., run as quick as possible

Reviewed by amylau-56393 1 / 10

Worst thing I've ever seen

How can this be called horror? I watched this because I wanted to get scared not be painfully tortured by 2 hours of complete disturbing nonsense!

Literally was the worst movie I've ever seen and the sloppy attempt at the end for some b grade scares didn't even make up for the amount of my life wasted by watching this movie. If You want a horror movie, do NOT watch this

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