A.C.O.R.N.S.: Operation Crackdown


Action / Animation / Comedy / Family

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John Leguizamo as Fly Boy / Liam
Will Forte as Cody
John Cleese as Mr. Bellwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vegas_ninja 1 / 10

omg horrid...

...IF I could give this "ZERO STARS", I would...

What the hell was anybody thinking giving these guys any kind of money to do this... Honestly, you KNOW it's bad when the kids are restless, yawning, falling asleep and you look around and the chaperoning adults are looking around to see if others' kids are as bored as their own...

Yes, mine was bored as well, so you're not alone... Mine was actually even talking about Star Wars, and she's three... Go figure...

The graphics were pre-TOY STORY - not two or three, but THE ORIGINAL! And the action and fluidity of the motion was lost in some pre-Shrek era - but the storyline was the absolute worst and to even think of paralleling with any of the "OCEANS" movies, I'd have thought about throwing a 'cease and desist' order at them... My daughter gets more enjoyment watching Misha and the Bear in Russian (Mawa Kawa) and she's Japanese-American / Emirati, so anything Cyrillic is beyond foreign, but this flick might as been in some other foreign language, for what it's worth...

Just plain BAD...

...Oh, and if I were MGM Resorts, I'd have a lawyer ringing their bell and their legal counsel's as well, as the "B" that they have inscribed in so many scenes probably devalued their golden goose "Bellagio" by a year's worth of stock supply... Just no shame on these guys and to even think it has any of the cache that "Oceans" or anything "Bellagio" bespeaks of - just plain crazy shamefulness...

DON'T BUY THIS, RENT IT nor if it's still one a screen nearby, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY...

It's THAT bad...

Reviewed by imdb-14931 6 / 10

Average but okay

It is a very average animated movie. It is not among the best, but it is not painful to watch either. It loosely copies an ocean eleven formula, but with various critters.

The animation is well below average though. It can look very cheap at times.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 6 / 10

Average but Fun..

A squirrel plots to pull off a major heist at a giant nut factory. Personally i didn't find "Get Squirrelly" as bad as i thought it was going to be and sure the animation is pretty mediocre and the whole plot is a copy paste attempt to re-create 'Oceans Eleven' in animation style but i still found some good things about it and first of all it were the actual characters i found everyone to be at least likable and good with what they had to do and of course there's some good funny moments here and there that brought a smile on my face but if you expect any kind of Disney Pixar kind of movie you are going to be very disappointed with this but if you turn off your brain and judge it for what it truly is you might actually enjoy it. (6.2/10)

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