A Brilliant Young Mind


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 24059


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Asa Butterfield as Nathan Ellis
Eddie Marsan as Richard
Rafe Spall as Martin Humphreys
Sally Hawkins as Julie Ellis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baileyliu 6 / 10

It falls below expectations but not too bad.

So as a fan of math and Asa Butterfield I really expected something out of this film...And from the trailers and clips I watched I thought this is going to be great...But it turns out the film in general is too BLAND. So there wasn't much excitement within this film. The between romance between Zhengmei and Nathan in this film is also quite bland, with a bitch on the UK math team that eventually ruined it. The romance between Mr. Humphrey and Nathan's mom didn't come to a full circle either. After all the kisses and such,did they marry each other finally or live together? There are a lot of things that leave the audiences to question and I personally don't like that. So the ending basically made the film worse. A lot of other things didn't come to full circle neither. How did the UK team do on IMO? Did nathan escape with Zhangmei or something happened(I just can't figure it out it's really vague at the end when Nathan holds Zhangmei's hand on the train)? When Mr. Humphrey locked the other man (I forget his name) in the IMO room what happened? At the end it just feels like: Oh what, that's it?

But there are still some good things: the cultural exchange portraited in this film is quite interesting. And the fact that this film is about math and autism made it unique. It was nice to watch except at the end, and it kinda motivates me to study math.

Reviewed by hamzaharakat 10 / 10

movie is make with love

I love the movie .... you have to watch it ! and hope you enjoy it

Reviewed by SacHin Aggarwal 8 / 10

A well performed strong script.

I randomly selected this film to watch and as i started to watch it, i gone into flow. Impressed with the actors work. Although somewhere the connection drops but it again makes strong connection. Beautiful way to show inner conflicts on the screen. Transformation is average. Overall this film is a good cinematic entertainment. As a film maker me also like to work on conflicts and temptations, so these kind of films are treat to me.

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