99 Homes


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 24766


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Michael Shannon as Rick Carver
Andrew Garfield as Dennis Nash
Laura Dern as Lynn Nash
Clancy Brown as Mr. Freeman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 7 / 10

Great performances

I don't like Andrew Garfield as a person due to seeing the videos on YouTube of how negatively he reacts towards the Paparazzi, but as an actor he is excellent at his job and manages to make his character in this movie likable.

Michael Shannon is also great in his role, even though his character is making a living doing wrong things there is still something likable about him.

Laura Dern gives a fantastic performance as Garfield's mother, even the little boy who plays the son/grandson does a good job with his small role, the casting director made a great choice overall.

A lot of things can be learned by watching 99 Homes, one imperative thing being is to always pay your bills and don't get yourself into debt, always get in contact with your lawyers because evicted tenants still have rights and options. These people listened to these evictors and did not contact their lawyers which got them sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand.

The main male lead played by Garfield had other options, but he wanted to make quick cash which got him nowhere.

To sum this movie up in 3 words - it's a drama flick about greed, dishonesty, and desperation.

Reviewed by William Reid 8 / 10

99 Reasons To Watch

There's no better experience for me then discovering a film with no expectation or background and being blown away. Stunning knock out performances by the leads in this movie puts this on my short list of "best movies nobody's heard of". If you've ever wondered what all the fuss is about Andrew Garfield this film answers the question. And Shannon delivers another brilliantly seductive and intense performance that is solidifying his place as Hollywood's next generation of great actors. Convincing, complex and initially low key, '99 Homes' is about real people and events which often means heavy doses of irony and over moralizing. However, the slower pacing and deliberate and nuanced development in the characters avoids the usual tropes and makes for a sharp, thoughtful and fulfilling exploration of human nature.

Reviewed by JamesRutland 9 / 10

American dream is a nightmare an illusion to scam People.

This movie shows the real nature of richness based on the usury of human lives switched in money. Greedy individuals are the worst assassins in the planet and they make this crime following the laws or violating the laws by corruption: the laws to deprived human beings of their lives to accumulate money. USA is not a democracy is a tyranny as many other false democracies based on the iniquity (few individuals which decide for billions of persons is democracy?. Where there is iniquity of few greedy individuals how can be DEMOCRACY? I know this and this movie allows me to expose this thoughts: "Where there is iniquity of few greedy individuals how can be DEMOCRACY?"

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