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Brittany Snow as Carley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movies-by-db 8 / 10

Heartfelt beautiful filmmaking

Wow, what a heartfelt, beautiful piece of film making. It starts of slightly confusing and I was somewhat afraid of a college thriller type thing, which it is thankfully not. Of course the comparisons with "Crash" come to mind, but to me this was even more effective and emotionally charged. Especially because of the story of the extremely troubled Kevin. On the other hand, his story might be the least believable to some viewers. He is fact the protagonist here, and his actions are what drive the entire story. His, and the divided Dre's failure to make his own decisions. And they are so extreme, that you dare not think people like Kevin actually exist.

Kevin is played very well by J. Michael Trautmann as is Dre by Evan Ross. Everyone for that matter is awesome in their roles, but I was particularly astonished (again) by the masterful David Oyelowo, who so convincingly pulls of the righteous black American neighborhood uncle I'd almost swear it was a lookalike actor playing the character.

I can't remember how I came across this, but I picked it up cheaply on Amazon and was pretty much engrossed till the last bitter minute. There's one thing I don't understand here. The rating... This deserves so much more, check it out and find out what I mean 8/10

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10

Driven from the ghetto

Writer and director Aimee Lagos wanted to make an urban drama about young people in Georgia but something went wrong with an almost not developed script and poor execution. It can easily be compared to the film Crash but in my opinion it is shown up by the more superior Boyz n the Hood which was made in the early 1990s, especially as how ordinary young black characters are dealt by the police still has not changed.

The film shifts back and forth between a carjacking and its aftermath to the events leading up to it. Two female college students, one of them studying law become victims of the car jacking.

Two young males, one black who is a high school student wanting to escape from his gang culture environment and his white friend, from a broken home, uneducated and want to be accepted by his black friends end up being the perpetrators.

The 96 minutes of the title seems to relate to the carjacking until one of the character's arrives at the hospital and not the length of the film which actually feels rather long in itself with its expletive filled script. The extent of the swearing is off putting as you feel its trying to disguise a weak script which only livens up at the conclusion of the film when one of the females gets to meet one of the attacker's again.

Thankfully the plus points is the acting, David Oyolewo has a minor but important part. At least they do their best to sketch out their roles.

Reviewed by James Devereux 10 / 10

Lost for words

I've never been as emotionally struck by the heaviness of the drama as in this movie. It was an insight into a world of violence and depravity. I found myself stuck in conflict with my emotions of empathy and judgement towards the antagonists in the movie. I mouthed out loud WTF in one scene, that's how captivated I was by the movie.

Thank you Aimee Lagos for making a movie that will change the way I view gang life in America, and thank you Kurt Farquhar for making a soundtrack that is inspiring and captures the emotional heaviness and depth of the movie.

All critics of this movie who don't see the value this movie has towards teaching the ignorant world around this life and fates should think more than once about the message the movie manages to portray.

Thumbs up!

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