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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Juliet Staveley 9 / 10

A visual banquet

As a long-time fan of animation, I like to believe (misguided or not) that I have high standards and am not easily impressed. But this creation blew me away, so much so that I felt compelled to write my first ever review on this site. Please forgive me for the abundance of clich├ęs that may follow.

9 reminded me strongly of my favourite short-work, Joacquin Baldwin's award-winning Sebastian's Voodoo. The detail, backgrounds, colours, forms, the dark 'grubbiness' of the overall look, the minimal but meaningful character expressions and sublime use of light and shadow were pure heaven for the eyes.

Imagine, if you will, a strange but beautiful lovechild of The Borrowers, Voodoo, Alien, Corpse Bride and War of the Worlds; and you have 9.

The atmospheric score and use of imagery from various real political movements and historic events added to the post-apocalyptic, almost Gothic feel. To prevent it from becoming too heavy, it is interwoven with a deliciously subtle humour and creativity - such as the use of ordinary household objects as weapons and items of clothing. You can tell that Tim Burton had more than a sprinkling of input.

Yes, the storyline is simple (which is why I am puzzled that so many viewers found the ending difficult to grasp) and the characters could have done with more development. That said, I immediately fell in love with 2, 4 and 5 with no knowledge of their past - a difficult task to achieve. And it would be hard to create nine full-blooded personalities with back-history involved in a complex plot in only 80 minutes.

Which brings me to timing and the only reason I knocked a star off - I felt it ended too quickly and I just did not want it to.

It is a rare sort of exquisite film-making that makes you want to serve it on a plate and eat it raw, enjoying every last mouthful. Then savour it all over again because you know you've missed so much in all the glorious detail.

It is a film that stays with you long after it ends. I would urge anyone with a love of the unusual to experience it.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 9 / 10

A very atmospheric dark animation

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where machines have turned against humans and won the war, this animation presents a scientist's idea of life in a desolated and dangerous world. He created live dolls which are to continue the human legacy and try to survive while being hunted down by a giant machinery, simply called "The Beast". We watch the adventures of a doll called 9 in its attempts to get rid of the enemy, while uncovering, step by step, fragments of the past which ultimately led to the human extinction.

It's sober and emotional, without relying only on combat and spectacular scenes to tell its story. It's slow paced, but not in a bad way. With this approach, it is able to better describe its characters and their actions, while creating an atmospheric environment. As a downside, it tends to become boring from time to time, resulting in a big 9* for the movie "9", released on 9/9/2009. What a coincidence!

Reviewed by dissident320 5 / 10

A neat idea that didn't merit a feature

I'm starting to dread watching movies that are under 90 minutes. They almost always are stretching out a story that doesn't have enough to it to justify a feature. The voice work is all fine but the story just drags on with no real villain or pacing. The visuals sadly look extremely dated already with real-time rendering in video games already surpassing it.

It probably should have just stayed as a short because 70 some minutes of this felt like 3 hours. Nothing much to recommend here other than some neat ideas that unfortunately get over-explained.

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