6 Days


Action / Drama / History / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 11299


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Abbie Cornish as Kate Adie
Mark Strong as Max Vernon
Jamie Bell as Rusty Firmin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gerardmartin77 6 / 10

A good telling of real events

This isn't a dramatic blockbuster movie where Mark Wahlberg leads a crack team of special forces while combating a tricky marriage situation ! Instead this is a basic how-it-happened telling of a famous terrorist siege in the UK. It does this well but can I just make one key point ?

A couple of reviewers have commented on the rag-tag , dishevelled appearance of the SAS soldiers . There was a reason for this : the British Army and the SAS were in Northern Ireland at that time fighting IRA terrorists. SAS operatives were primarily undercover and had to blend into the local population . How did they do that ? They grew their hair and had moustaches ! Simple .

The soldiers in this Iranian Embassy siege were all highly trained and the best in the business .It was a perfect rescue of the hostages at the end of the day .

Reviewed by Shaun V. 8 / 10

Really worth your time, even if some things could have been done better

I was somehow shocked when I saw the ratings this movie got. Sure, this movie will not win big awards, or anything like that. But I actually truly enjoyed this picture, as an interesting movie about a historical fact that I didn't really know about due to my young age.

The movie doesn't lose time on futile details. It's an honest depiction of what happened over those six days. It starts immediately with the hostage. The movie feels genuine, and not meant as a brutal action movie.

Keeping details true to the facts is of course a good thing. But somewhere on the line, they forgot about character development. There were some key characters, but without being really key characters. You could feel they were somehow important to the story, but you never really got a back story on them. The best example is the woman of the BBC. I didn't grew up in the UK, so I never heard of her. After the movie ended, they explained who she was. I think they could have done a lot more with the characters. You just didn't feel an attachment to any of the characters. Same with the terrorists and the negotiator.

To be fair, it's not easy to do all this in just 1 hour and half. I genuine feel this movie needed some more screen time. If you enjoy movies based on true stories or historical events, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by ukulele33 4 / 10

I really tried.

I really tried to like this movie. BIG fan of Jamie Bell but the story isn't strong. I just can't understand why people would make a movie about this event. For me, its really painful to watch. OK, yes I'm from the states and NO, i don't like typical shoot-em up movies. The ebb and flow of this movie is just... HORRIBLE. Also, the breach scene was really unrealistic. The SAS are the top elite solders. There is no WAY they would have executed this mission that way. It was like watching a bunch of bagpiper slowly trying to rescue multiple hostages... If this is exactly what happened, if feel bad for the British.

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