6 Days


Action / Drama / History / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
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Abbie Cornish as Kate Adie
Mark Strong as Max Vernon
Jamie Bell as Rusty Firmin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ukulele33 4 / 10

I really tried.

I really tried to like this movie. BIG fan of Jamie Bell but the story isn't strong. I just can't understand why people would make a movie about this event. For me, its really painful to watch. OK, yes I'm from the states and NO, i don't like typical shoot-em up movies. The ebb and flow of this movie is just... HORRIBLE. Also, the breach scene was really unrealistic. The SAS are the top elite solders. There is no WAY they would have executed this mission that way. It was like watching a bunch of bagpiper slowly trying to rescue multiple hostages... If this is exactly what happened, if feel bad for the British.

Reviewed by blrnani 7 / 10

Realistic coverage of a real situation

My first point of reference for this film was the excellent "Who Dares Wins", with Lewis Collins, which was inspired by the Iranian embassy rescue and shows the SAS at work, culminating in a very similar (fictional) hostage event. But having watched "6 Days" I see it more in the light of the very good "Eye In The Sky", showing just how much thinking and planning goes on behind the scenes of real life military action and crisis response, including the unexpected details that can derail even meticulous planning. The political situation was highly complex as this was the embassy of the awful Khomeini regime and the invaders were protesting the crimes of that regime back in Iran. Nevertheless, they took terrorist action and violated the diplomatic privilege that embassies around the world enjoy. And in responding to it the UK would have to violate the diplomatic immunity all foreign embassies are entitled to. In that respect, violating the immunity of the US embassy in Iran had set a precedent (as did GDubya's later invasion of Iraq), so it's a useful reminder of the potential consequences of trashing the norms of civilized behaviour. A hostage situation is always tense, but especially so when dealing with a heavily armed group that is not afaid to die (indeed many fanatics welcome it) and insist on all their demands being met or they will kill their hostages. There was also the disastrous precedent of the German attempt to free the Munich Olympic hostages, which further constrained the UK action. And of course the ticking clock is always a key factor. And so the film offers us insights into what went on, in the negotiations, behind the scenes and in the eventual rescue - where the odds were clearly stacked in the terrorists' favour and yet was conducted without loss. That's an achievement that is worth preserving on film!

Reviewed by ozgur-altan 7 / 10

Overall a good re-enactment, better than shoot-em-all American ones anyway

Apart from the realistic take on the military operation itself, especially liked the Cobra meeting room dialogues and Mark Strong's presence and dialogue's (add real color).

The humble take with all the mistakes before, during and after the operation shows how hard it is to really perfectly apply what you practice and especially how lucky you should be to have this successful and ending.

The steady stand about how to deal with terrorists originating from Iron Lady herself is quite a bit emphasized, of course it is applauded but the factor of luck mentioned above should have been included somewhere in at least one post operational dialogue. After all 17 minutes is quite a long time and it was hectic enough for the terrorists to kill most if not all of the hostages. 6 days gained by the negotiators probably tested their resolve.

However, the positive impact on Margaret Thatcher's political career and also probably giving her the leverage to act as she did in the Falkland's conflict short while later (if this was an operation with 21 dead hostages she might have acted differently later on) and making her last long as she did as a political outsider trying really hard to be the 'iron lady' is something the film makes you think of.

Also reading about the impact of this operation in launching SAS as a viable alternative and as a world famous regiment that can be relied on is another point the film makes you think of. Especially considering this operation came only a few days after the colossal failure of American Army, Navy and Air Force (particularly the Delta Force) in Iran.

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