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Lindsey Haun as Meditation Podcast
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ymunoz1989 8 / 10

Hits Home

I am very picky with the indie genre because there's usually not much going on. And sometimes, writers try to be so "artistic" that there is no moral to the story, so it just blatantly stinks. This movie, though... It hit home. My brother, who is my best friend, is an addict. Throughout the film, I found myself relating to the main character and her relationships with the people around her, including her brother. Dave Franco is a great actor, just like his brother. He did spectacular. He portrayed his character so well. I'm usually used to seeing him in comedies. It just goes to show how great he is that he can play a more serious roll brilliantly as well.

Reviewed by merch10277 7 / 10

Pretty good, not incredible...but definitely authentic.

*Not REALLY a spoiler.* Coming from someone who has personally dealt with this issue, it is extremely true to life. I could see how a person who hasn't been on either end of the spectrum could be quick to judge films about addiction (for example, thinking "that wouldn't happen or she/he would never do that). But believe me, it does and they do. While this isn't the best film I've seen dealing with addiction, it is an amazing portrayal of how addiction is a family disease (especially w/codependence) and is so so brutal. Abbi Jacobson nailed her role, as did Dave Franco. As for the actual "film", I thought it was really well done. There's a kind of narrative throughout this that I liked a lot. I prefer a character study and good plot/story over a big budget, full of explosions and car chases movie. So if you're looking for that sort of thing you may not enjoy this as much as myself. So yes, definitely recommend:)

Reviewed by nash-61734 10 / 10

This film will be underrated for lack of drama

This film is so perfect in its simplicity. It does not have the sickness scenes of trainspotting or the sexy stab in the chest of pulp fiction. This is a very real story of one night, there is really minimal drama in the way that it has not been exaggerated for the screen. Abbie Jacobson is incredible, she is torn and loves her brother how most of us would. Dave Franco was great, honestly that was a surprise, he was endearing and normal but something had just gone wrong. It was interesting that you never really understood why this might have happened, there were nods to the overbearing mother, which I felt definitely impacted Abbie's character, but what was not made clear was where the daughters mother was. That little girl was also great, especially in the scene where they go to score. I really found the pharmacy scene uncomfortable and I'm not sure of what recovery support is available in America but in the UK the pharmacy's are desperate to be part of the recovery community so that was hard to see. Watching the impacts of these people life unfold over the night was really uncomfortable but not in a bad way, in the way that we should feel uncomfortable. I really liked the mindfulness narrative, it seemed to fit well.

I thought this film was perfect, I am disappointed with the IMDB rating but this is it a film that glamourises drug use, it's a film about relationships.

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