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Elizabeth Daily as Sex-Head
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Daniel Roebuck as Pastor Victor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 6 / 10

How could a nightmare be any worse than this reality?

Five travelling carny workers - Charly (Sheri Moon Zombie), Panda (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs), Venus (Meg Foster), Levon (Kevin Jackson), and Roscoe (Jeff Daniel Phillips) - are abducted by a sick bunch of freaks and made to play a sadistic game of survival. The proceedings are run by macabre Masters of Ceremony - Father Murder (Malcolm McDowell), Sister Serpent (Jane Carr), and Sister Dragon (Judy Geeson) - and the mean s.o.b.s who torture, taunt, and kill them have names like "Sick-Head" (Pancho Moler), "Death-Head" (Torsten Voges), and "Psycho-Head" (Lew Temple). The absolute worst of the bunch is a monster named "Doom-Head" (Richard Brake), who revels in his job.

Rob Zombies' crowd-funded movie was a return to the sort of blood-soaked depravity with which he made his name, after too much disappointment was expressed over "The Lords of Salem", his attempt to step outside his usual wheelhouse. Once again, he shows that his way with dialogue tends to be hit-and-miss; sometimes he comes up with something quotable, but most of the time it's just insipid. The opening scenes that establish our protagonists are rough going, and don't exactly endear the characters to this viewer. Therefore, it's hard to care much about what happens to most of them. Zombies' inane script, which lacks imagination and wit, makes a waste of some good atmosphere, production design, and cinematography.

All of that said, the casts in his films are usually pretty eclectic. Tracey Walter, Daniel Roebuck, and Elizabeth Daily also put in appearances. The standouts include old pro Foster, who gets to be pretty badass, and character actor Brake, who's definitely relishing this moment in the spotlight. His is a villain who obviously enjoys what he does.

One more good thing about Zombies' efforts are the soundtracks, and this one is no exception. The music that plays over the closing credits is especially groovy.

Fans of hardcore horror and Zombies' loyal fan base are certain to be amused, but this will likely be a struggle to get through for most folks. Brake and Foster raised the rating a bit for this viewer.

Six out of 10.

Reviewed by TdSmth5 5 / 10

Another step in the wrong direction for Zombie

In the black and white intro some guy gives, I kid you not, a 6-minute speech to the camera. Well, he's supposed to be talking to a priest he's been torturing and eventually kills him with a hatchet.

Next we meet perhaps the most unremarkable and dullest cast of character this side of a lost-footage horror. They are driving somewhere when they run into a bunch of scarecrows blocking the road. When they stop and get out, they are attacked by a bunch of guys. Two of the characters are killed for some reason. The rest are taken to what looks like a church where they are chained. They are told they are now part of a survival game called 31 (why 31?). They have to survive a bunch of killers who will go after them one by one. The game will last 12 hours. The organizers place bets by ranking which on of the goofs will last longer.

The first killer is a Hispanic little person dressed up as Hitler (what the...) who delivers most of his lines in Spanish for no good reason whatsoever, even though he can speak perfect English. Yup, so here you have 5 adults (3 male, 2 female) each with a club or some weapon, screaming, running in horror, and hiding from some little person cursing in Spanish.

Next they have to face two guys with chainsaws. Then a big German dude and his sexy girlfriend.

At last the survivors have to face the guy from the intro who is the expert killer. In between the challenges we hear the organizers talking about the odds and placing their bets.

Of course one person survives for the weirdest of reasons. And then there's a very dissatisfying ending, not just in terms of the main villain and the main good character but also in terms of the organizers of the whole thing. No answers about anything are provided.

31 just doesn't work. The cinematography is dark and ugly. Dialogue is utterly pointless. Direction is a mess, editing is a disaster. The music is good though. The main concept isn't bad, or new for that matter. A game of death where a group of people have to survive attackers so the decadent rich can entertain themselves and play with the lives of regular folk, but with a touch of Rob Zombie. It should have worked as a gory movie. Instead they cut this movie down to an R-rating and it bombed anyway at the box office. When will they ever learn? The only thing they get by censoring a horror movie is alienating the fans. And Zombie must have fewer and fewer of those with every movie he releases. And it's understandable, his movies are getting worse and worse. It leads me to wonder, just who did really direct The Devil's Rejects?

The long behind-the-scenes feature explains a lot. Zombie's movie-making process is a catastrophe. He has a "whatever, anything goes" improvised approach with little in terms of a vision. He doesn't care about the end result the audience will see. He opposes a "polished" product, which is fine if you go with the "raw" concept and actually take it seriously and do something with it. He seems rather disinterested and bored with making movies.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the performances. Sure, not all are that good, but many are. Elizabeth Daily is just adorable. Richard Brake gives a remarkable committed performance.

There's some nice nudity, the occasional gore but not much else worthwhile.

Reviewed by bornskeptic 2 / 10

I will give this a great rating...

....if Rob Zombie promises to never make another movie. You kind of assume that after a few years of doing anything, you would get better at it. Zombie has regressed. Or simply gotten lazy. No matter, this thing was awful. I won't bother to analyze specifics here, but the man should go back to music and leave moviemaking to the talentless amateurs of the world....cuz they make better flicks.

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