300 Miles to Heaven


Biography / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ank02 9 / 10

A truly moving story.

What a great movie. It was recommended to me by a friend whose family escaped communist Poland in the early 1980s. Having no notion of what life under such oppressive regime might be like, I watched the movie more out of respect to my friend than a genuine interest in the story. But it sucked me in completely. It was well worth the time. And stayed with me long after. What these two kids went through to help their family was truly moving. Also, it gave me a better understanding of what communism in Eastern Europe was like in the 1980s. Excellent acting. Very well done.

A moving story, indeed.

Reviewed by FilmCriticLalitRao 10 / 10

300 Mil Do Nieba/300 miles to heaven-This Maciej Dejczer film depicts western Europe as heaven.

Freedom is a tough philosophical concept laden with hard meanings which do not make sense to most "employed people". As a crucial element of a person's daily life, freedom is essential for all citizens of the world as it enables everybody to realize their true potential. A key thing to note about freedom is that it takes a completely new meaning with the involvement of money in its significance. It can be surmised that Polish director Maciej Dejczer must have kept these things in mind when he shot "300 Mil Do Nieba". He has made one of the finest European films which deals with key questions related to money, danger, risks, immigration etc. The theme of east versus west has been nicely dealt with in this film with the dissemination of the underlying message that life is much better in west. This makes perfect sense to two young Polish boys who experience on a personal basis how corrupt officials ruin the lives of innocent people. The political system in the east is shown as a colossal failure as an essential activity of even getting a passport is subjected to unnecessary scrutiny. It is at this stage that this film's protagonists realize the importance of risk taking in order to become completely free. It came in the form of two young lads who move to the west after hiding themselves under a truck. Some structural changes were brought in the film. For example: Denmark represented West as if it had everything.Lastly,the benign presence of Polish actor Wojciech Klata is enough to bring smiles on one's face.

Reviewed by Tom_Nashville 10 / 10

Really incredible film

I think this is an amazing and powerful film! I enjoy most of the classic foreign films(just finished the German made "Die Brucke"-1959) but this is one of the few films I have ever watched completely "without translation". It was so well made, that didn't matter to me. The photography, mood, lighting, atmosphere and the absolutely haunting music score had me totally absorbed. (I watched it later with English translations)

And, wow, what can I say about the natural talent of the beautiful children in this film, and what their characters went through to try finding a better life somewhere! When it was over, I was counting my blessings. I never had to grow up in conditions anywhere near as harsh as depicted through the children in this story. The final few incredible scenes capture the very depth of human emotions. It's my opinion that "300 Mil do Nieba" is a Masterpiece of film making! Where is a worldwide DVD distribution for this Polish classic? The Criterion Collection group(or somebody) needs to take a look at this one, and get it out there please!

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