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Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo
Gerard Butler as King Leonidas
Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by auberus 4 / 10

Have we gone so mad we can not distinguish films from video games?

For the life of me I can not understand why people would rave so much about this mockery of a movie…

I knew I was not going to see an accurate historical film. I knew I was in for a graphic novel adaptation.

But what I witnessed was a simplification of already simplified and false historical facts. The result is catastrophic.

Obviously it is easier to show "real Spartan warriors" not indulged in a fair amount of man love. But guess what they were… Obviously it is easier to show Persians as decadent, uncivilized, unsophisticated and without any understanding of military strategy…But guess what the Persian Empire established by Cyrus the great, the writer of the first human right declaration, was the most magnificent and civilized empire in 480 B.C. Obviously it is easier and convenient to imply that Greece won against Persia at the naval battle of Artemisium. But guess what, historically, the Greeks lost that naval battle as well. Obviously it is easier to define bravery as 300 Spartans warriors fighting against a million Persians. But guess what they were more like 10000 Spartans, Athenians, Thebans, Thespians and Phoceans against 200,000 Persians. Obviously it is easier to represent Xerxès the first as a giant homosexual, piercing adept. But guess what he was more like a sophisticated Persian and also a great military strategist. Obviously it is easier to make War and Killing the glorious thing a nation could ever accomplish. But guess what there is no Glory in War and Killing. Only Death… Obviously it is easier to make a baseless action movie rather than a real epic "peplum". An action movie staged in an imaginary Time and Place with imaginary heroes and villains. But guess what great movies are not easy to make, great movies are based upon a tangible scenario and everything else is aimed to support that scenario.

Some of us applaud the aesthetic of the film as I refuse to call it cinematography. But for me the glossy, saturated bronze color like background looked incredibly unrealistic. Some of us feel shiver down their spines when hearing talks of freedom" and "justice" coming out of King Leonidas, Gerard Butler's mouth. But for me it sounded more like an unintentional satire of America misadventure in Iraq. Some of us cheer at the slick fighting scenes and rejoice when Zack Snyder's camera abuses slow motions in order for the audience to enjoy the slaughtering. But for me that was the paroxysm of emptiness and the moment I felt lectured by a mediocre director as to why violence, racism, sadism are surprisingly virtues to be cherished. Some of us raise their arms in the air and wave at the ripped muscled Spartan men. But for me those leather pants Greek Warriors fighting thousands of ninjas almost died of ridicule. Some of us enjoy metal music mixed with "Gladiatoresque" chants. But for me it was noise and a sign that the film triggers 15 year old disturbed American boys who think Leonidas is a brand of chocolate and Xerxès an upcoming video game.

It's fine to make movies out of comics. It's fine to make violent films. It's also fine to use CGI in order to display thing you could not without. Eventually it is fine to fantasy an historical period. But make no mistake there is nothing groundbreaking or breathtaking in 300. As there is no soul in this film only flesh…As there are no story only events…As there is no cinematography only computerized background…As there is no feeling only fading impression…This is virtual at its worst. What's best to erase a virtual film? I suggest we all make a virtual fire in our mind in which we'll burn 300. And maybe the flames will be so big it will enlighten Hollywood once and for all...

Reviewed by yaboa 1 / 10

this is one of the worst films I watched in the past 2 years

this is a mediocre, nonsense, lousy film. Don't watch this. I cant believe that IMDb qualifies it with 8 points. perhaps they are manipulating the ratings to get the people watch it. I put 1 point because i could not put 0. This film, not only has 0 on plot, 0 on script, and 0 on acting out of 10, but also, the battles and the people fighting look like a cheap 3d studio vectorial animation I could do without any effort. All the people are exactly the same, and you could notice a lack of preparation on the scenes. I was expecting something like troy or braveheart, which are too damn good to compare with this. This is why Hollywood is in the ruin. Another expensive and terrible movie. I watched 23 with jim carrey, and thought I could not watch a worse movie than that. But if you want to find something worse, just go to watch this. Otherwise, I would not suggest it unless you don't have a brain in your head or you go high just before it starts. Awful!!!!!!

Reviewed by Karl Self 2 / 10

Incredibly postpostmoderinst, and gayer than Liberace's frilly underwear

Watching "300" felt like winning the lottery jackpot, then stumbling into an emo poetry slam. I just couldn't relate. And most of all -- while I'm a big fan of mindless on screen violence -- it was all far too mindless and shallow to me. There are Taliban propganda videos which have more depth, more suspense and better plot development. The good guys look like bodybuilders on too much anabolics (or, more to the point, gay porn stars), the bad guys either have a bad case of leprosy or wear more jewelry than Liberace (or both). The good guys fight are free guys fighting for freedom (read a history book about Sparta, please), the bad guys fight for oriental oppression. Yes, that's fascist, and it also bored the pants off of me. Leni Riefenstahl's Reichstag propaganda movies had more subtlety.

I give credit for the great SFX.

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