3 Women


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 7.9 10 11483


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Sissy Spacek as Pinky Rose
Shelley Duvall as Millie Lammoreaux
Dennis Christopher as Soda Delivery Boy
Belita Moreno as Alcira
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Winter7Mute 10 / 10

Explaining a Film with lots of words, never is close to the feeling i get when watching them

The Same motif i sense every time i watch this movie is IDENDITY, like most films i enjoy watching from

It's so boring hearing the same conun drum of intelligent wording of themes, story, production details, costumes, lighting, etc, etc. From film viewers, going out of control to sound intelligent when all i hear 99% of the time is carbon copy of reviews from critics, blah, blah, blah.

I'm happy with hearing did you like it, YES or NO, i'd like to talk more but i'd rather watch something i enjoy then talk about something i enjoy and be in agreement why i liked it and why another person liked it. To assure i'm making a good choice or sounding intelligent or artistic, etc, etc..

There are 2 different crowds in the film arena, those who watch and view films they have and have not seen from the time period 1900- 2017 these days and the mass majority who watches a ton of TV shows and lots of films from 2000-2017, very few people delve into the past or are beyond curious about films outside the country they reside or films outside heavily influenced, western world countries.

Altman is not for everyone, from what i gathered with talking with both sides of film viewer's, most people think MASH is Altman's Greatest FIlm, in my opinion, MASH is my least favorite Altman Film, i like all his films but 3 Women & Images i'm drawn to especially.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 9 / 10

a wonder to behold

If Roger Ebert who rated this the best film of 1977 and the writer, producer and director, Robert Altman are shaken on what exactly this film is about, I guess I am allowed to be rather hazy on some aspects myself. I was certainly rather lost, bewildered and not at all happy during the opening fifteen minutes or so of care home/spar footage with old folks being walked about but then the almost automaton like behaviour of Shelley Duvall and the charm of Sissy Spacek won me over. Both performances grow in stature as the film progresses and indeed it would seem that if a large chunk of this enterprise began in Altman's dreams whilst his wife was in hospital, much also grew from Duvall's improvisation. It is a wonderful and increasingly endearing turn and when the talk turns to the behaviour of twins and personalities begin to shimmer, shake and more, this one of a kind dreamlike experience becomes indeed a wonder to behold.

Reviewed by Dog112 8 / 10

Do not read this before seeing the movie. What would happen if you...

What would happen if you could surgically trisect the personality of a lonely woman into three distinct personalities (somewhat like Multiple Personality Disorder, but with no common root, and no need for escape or protection from a hellish reality) and put them in three separate bodies? What might they be like? Finally set free from the constraints of the others and allowed to surface and breathe free as individuals, what would these new women reveal about their desires and frustrations and strengths and gaping frailties?

One could be a child with amnesia, experiencing the world for the first time, as though she had just been let out of her house for the first time, or as though she were an alien from another world, a la Starman (1984).

One could be a young post-adolescent woman who learns her social and fashion and cooking skills by reading how-to magazine articles.

One could be an angry artist, disgusted with her husband, a useless, one-speed hedonist.

What if they could somehow find each other and become one whole person, greater than the sum of her parts?

What if they existed only as characters in the dream of a woman who had moved to a new town in order to put her past behind her and start a new life?

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