28 Weeks Later


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
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Emily Beecham as Karen
Rose Byrne as Scarlet
Idris Elba as Stone
Imogen Poots as Tammy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caaroraakash 5 / 10


After watching 28 days later .I think i should watch this . the first 20 minutes of the movie is great but after that there are many scenes which i found illogical and stupid . there is a genetically immune women who is suppose to be a vaccine and cure for the infected but brutally killed by his Stupid and Coward husband . There is several scenes in that movie which resembles itself with the original 28 days later about humans and human emotions but all the emotions are float away with that stupid code red fire explosion . The explosion is so Stupid not because of the bad script but also because of Stupid CGI.

Reviewed by alekseysavkov 1 / 10

My comparison from the first part

To begin with, I want to say that I saw "28 days later" three times. I believe that this film is the best screen version of the theme of the apocalyptic world plunged into the depths of the insane virus.I just looked "28 weeks later" a second time. I do not know why, but the first time I found this film quite bearable. Now I saw that it was a mistake. If in the first part I could see a beautiful picture, an excellent actors' play, I could hear a wonderful soundtrack, then in the second part I could see only "the usual Hollywood horror film". I would not say that this film is completely disgusting, but by its nature I put him "1". Watch would not recommend.

Reviewed by robborulez 5 / 10

Was Left For Dead

Unfortunately for me the film having come off the back of 28 Days Later left me wanting more from it. While the few twists in the storyline were good they were able to be seen from a mile away. Robert Carlyle did a brilliant job as the lead actor in this but to see both Rose Byrne and Idris Alba trying to portray an America was the stuff of nightmares.

Jeremy Renner's character did a good job of keeping the plot moving along I just felt the film really lacked much of what came from 28 Days Later. The opening scene itself was magnificent and kept me on my toes especially what seemed like I guess we'd now have as a drone following Robert Carlyle's character.

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