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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sddavis63 5 / 10

An OK Time Waster With A Simple Plot

Admittedly, the story here is a bit thin. It can be summed up in just a few rods: three young people get stuck in a very hot sauna and can't get out. Even with that, it seems to take a while for this to get going. A bunch of friends decide to spend some time in a cabin on a lake. The cabin has a sauna. For a half hour or so, they're in the lake and then the sauna. Then back to the lake, then back to the sauna and finally they get locked in. Basically, that's it. Not much else to it. The simple plot, mind you, doesn't make it a bad movie. It was decent enough. I kept watching - wondering who if any of them would be saved, and interested enough to see what ideas they would come up with to save themselves. If the plot was a bit thin, the same could be said for the cast. Scout Taylor-Compton was somewhat familiar to me. She's been a busy enough actress over the years - mostly guest spots in TV series. As Jenna, she seems to be the protagonist - a troubled young woman still coming to terms with the death of her boyfriend in a car accident three years before who accepts this invitation to come to this cabin with friends. The rest of the cast I was not familiar with.

This struck me as a fairly low budget movie. The sets were simple - generally wither in the cabin or in the sauna. Not much was spent on wardrobe. Since the bulk of the movie was watching the plight of the three in the sauna, it stands to reason that since they were in a sauna they didn't have much on - although, to the credit of those who made the movie, there's no nudity in this. It's called a horror movie. I'm not sure I'd agree with that. I wouldn't even really call it a thriller. Suspense perhaps.

This is essentially a time-waster. It's not something that's going to stay with you very long, but it's good enough to pass some time with. (5/10)

Reviewed by cmovies-99674 6 / 10

The trailer looked exciting, but the movie itself wasn't

PROS: The one and only thing that this movie had was great acting. I felt bad that such good actors were stuck with such bad roles. I can faithfully tell you that the actors in this movie made the movie bearable. They felt real, because they were able to act well in both the fun and giggly times, as well as the scary and dark times.

CONS: The big problem with this movie was the action part of the movie, or the lack there of. There was no point in the movie where I was engaged at all. I could text, watch a video, even make dinner and still not feel like I was missing anything important in the film. The film was dry from start to finish. Even the ending was bland. To put things in perspective, this movie had no meat to it at all. There was nothing holding the movie together, therefore it just fell apart. The hard part about this movie was that it wasn't horrific at all. I would have no problem showing this to a 3rd grader, thats how boring it was. It was just marketed so incorrectly. To conclude, this movie is pity full and please don't watch it.


Reviewed by windyphiladelphia 2 / 10

Too crap for a horror film, too good for a Bad film

If you thought this film would be good for a laugh, you're mistaken. It's really bad, but it doesn't cross that threshold like Birdemic.

A lot of the stuff is professionally done. The acting is mixed, some good actors, some bad, but the bad is not enough to ruin the picture. The sound is fairly clear, the lighting is fine, there are no technical gaffes.

The dialogue has a strange feeling like it was written by someone who isn't a native speaker. The grammar is correct, but the usage is off. This is not saying that non- native English speakers can't write English dialogues, but natural sounding dialogues are no easy feat that even Hollywood hires dialogue specialists. There is another layer of strangeness in the dialogue in that it feels like it is influenced by TV and films rather than regular speech. It's not enough to be a deal-breaker, but it was noticeable enough for me.

No biggie, it was fine.

Which leaves us with the plot. It is so contrived to the point of being unbelievable.

Here comes the spoilers:

Four youths in a sauna. The drunk one leaves and drops some stuff outside the door. He didn't know where to put a portable staircase, so he decides to put it as a doorstopper for the sauna door. He then leaves and goes into a drug-induced deep sleep. Now the door is not completely jammed, so one of the 3 left in the sauna open the door a little and close it, for no reason (supposedly to allow one of the girls to leave to talk to her drunk boyfriend) - this action drops the stairs a little more. Then the girl, who insists that she doesn't want to leave, goes to the door, opens it and shakes it a little so that the stairs slide a little more and jam the door completely. Yes, she went to the door, opened it while saying that she doesn't want to go out.

There are too many ridiculous improbabilities that we have to accept and it goes beyond what is acceptable. The drunk wakes up and goes outside the sauna, but that's exactly when the uncle decides to launch fireworks.

So the movie is how they panic in the sauna and turn on each other. Unlike other films, there's no "let's not turn on each other" speech. A girl skips all that and smashes her friend with a rock to the head. What? Why?

There are random subplots that don't add anything to the story. The main girl takes prescription drugs for mental illness. That's a thread that goes nowhere.

They try all kinds of escape plans, firstly shaking the door, running shoulder barges, breaking the window's glass, shorting the fuse, screaming, etc. The guy in the sauna fights the steamer and causes an explosion. The force of the explosion, with some shaking, helps open the door. One girl escapes, she looks back to see her friend completely fried from the explosion, so she goes to drink water, gets her pills.... AND that was just her imagination.

She was just hallucinating. That didn't happen. Oh, but wait... the explosion really happened. What?

Yes, the explosion happened. Her friend really got fried. What she saw was in her hallucination was real. But she didn't actually go out.

It's such terrible editing that one of my friends thought she had gone out, got water and then came back for her friends, locking herself accidentally again.

The story is so contrived that this is not a bad guess. The reality is that someone hallucinated something, but 50% of the hallucination was real.

Ultimately, it's a horror-thriller, but it's not fun, scary nor thrilling. It's just a bunch of kids screaming in a sauna. They scream for help, then they yell at each other, then go back to screaming for help.

Being in a room watching this film simulates this experience very well, but no one will hear your screams.

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