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Teresa Palmer as Sarah
Sam Reid as Jonas
Simone Kessell as Serena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 5 / 10

Just another average movie.

2:22 is yet another story of somebody living almost the same day over and over again to come to the conclusion something bad is going to happen. It definitely could have been better. But the story and it's execution was just a bit lame. It didn't make much sense and that's why I lost my interest for 2:22 at one point. The acting was just average, nothing great at all. It wasn't bad though, just not Oscar winning style. At one point the story just didn't add up, and that's never good in a movie. The soundtrack was also a bit boring, even annoying. And that's something that quickly makes a movie boring to me. If you really have nothing else to watch I guess you can watch 2:22but don't expect too much of it.

Reviewed by Jithin K Mohan 7 / 10

Entertaining romantic thriller

The overall story is not very good when you think about it after the film but the engaging first half and the lead pair makes it a good watch. The mystery behind 2:22 and the romantic track of the first half was very well done but throughout the second half there was something missing in the direction or it might be the script going downhill from there. Teresa Palmer and Michiel Huisman are a charming lead pair who managed to keep it interesting even when the script was lacking the power.

Reviewed by keeper-24533 1 / 10


This film stinks. It is another piece of formula, boy-meets girl, boy loses girl-boy gets shot and laughs, boy gets girl back. That's never been done! The message of this movie is 'don't think, or study, or read, or grapple with life's questions. Just let cliches and the stars do everything for you'. Oh, and it's not YOUR life: you're living another guy's life who lived thirty years ago. Cue the eye-roll !! Here's a movie that says,"Let's make schizophrenia soooo cool and melodramatic that everyone will want it!". What a trivialization of mental illness...who needs a shrink when they can connect meaningless random events into a "pattern". Whoa...I have chills! I watched it because of the air traffic controller tag...but that aspect of the film is zilch! Nothing after the first few minutes! This thing is a series of bewildered expressions in search of a point. It worries me that this film is popular because it says a lot about the poor condition of contemporary humanity. Stay away.

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