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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emily-imdb 8 / 10

Sad, gripping re-telling.

This is a long movie but is definitely worth the 2.5 hour sitting. The movie is gripping and fast-enough paced that you don't get bored. Perhaps because the real event is still fairly recent (within the last decade), but I found it was really profound and sad. Half of the movie is the event with the other half focussing on the aftermath of this on one particular kid's life. Netflix can churn out some bad films, but this was not one of them. I'd recommend for a gripping sit-down and watch kinda movie night.

Reviewed by darknight242003 9 / 10

Norway, je t'aime

This is by far the best movie Netflix has produced. In the hands of a master filmmaker such as Greengrass, the event and the subsequent effects of it gets treated with utmost care and respect.

The actors did a fantastic job and I do not recall the last time I felt so emotionally affected by a movie. The choice of having the actors speak English seemed a little odd at first, but I am glad that was the way it was chosen since reading subtitles would have taken focus away from the excellent performances that were display (especially by the lead survivor actor). By the end, I grew to respect the people and the country of Norway even more, which perhaps was the best thing the movie could have achieved for the victims and survivors.

Reviewed by gallopman 7 / 10

Pretty solid Greengrass movie for Netflix

Ok, so looking at some of the other reviews, I've noticed that other reviewers have taken issue with the Norwegian actors' accents and their speaking English for the film. As an American, I can say without a doubt, the accents and the English speaking is terrific. No problems with the dialogue did I notice during the film. So the film does a brief setup of the actions taken against the government and the teenagers camp that day. I believe Greengrass does s brief delving of the events in order to prevent glamorizing the terrorists behavior but to simply inform the movie watcher to what took place. The film really focuses on the survivors, their families and the terrorist's defense in the aftermath... The terrorist's mindset is depicted through meetings with his defense lawyer. One particular young man who survived the attack, his recovery is shown to great detail. The acting is uniformly good throughout the film... I believe because of the tragic nature of events that took place, the gravitas of the film is a tough watch. That said, I applaud Netflix for signing a first rate director on to this project. If you have the two hours and stomach for the subject matter give the movie a chance...

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