21 & Over


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
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Miles Teller as Miller
Samantha Futerman as Sally Huang
Sarah Wright as Nicole
Skylar Astin as Casey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10


From the writers of The Hangover comes a knock off version. Two male students arrive on a school campus on the eve of spring break, naked except for their socks covering their penises. We then flashback to the day before as straitlaced Casey (Skylar Astin) and partying Miller (Miles Teller) visit their old high school friend Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) on campus to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Jeff Chang has an important interview the next morning for a medical school and his father is stern and uptight. He wants his son to be a doctor just like him. Casey wants an early night so Jeff can be ready for his interview but Miller has other ideas. This leads to boozing, vomiting, drug taking, brawling, chaos and plenty of embarrassing behaviour including getting spanked by a female sorority group that they earlier taken advantage of.

However Jeff is out of it and they cannot find his house and he has that important interview tomorrow but as the night wears on they find that Jeff is unhappy in his studies and has had issues.

The antics are watchable, Casey is cute with the ladies but somehow instead of being grosser and funnier it ends up being coy as it wants to deal with someone making their own choice for the future rather just being wild and crazy.

Reviewed by Kuroka 10 / 10

My opinion

Very funny movies, make me remember a bit to project x, so an excellent option if you want to see a good movie, in the movie you can see party's, nice actors/actress so why not seen a movie like this i really love this movie, one of my favorites, so i think is excellent, maybe the end is not the best but is really funny, so i think you should see this movie if you really like comedy movie like American pie, project x, and others movies whit this style. Well thats all i can say about this movie if you want to seen something fun watch this movie it's pretty funny, the world needs more movies like that, funny movies to has a good time to spend watching movies so if you really like this review like and see you!

Reviewed by Screen_Blitz 7 / 10

College version of The Hangover has some laughs

From the brilliant writers of Old School (2003) and The Hangover (2009), comes a college-set comedy about the raucous life of college partying and the debauchery that ensues. This film follows college students Miller and Casey (played by Miles Teller and Skylar Astin), who hope to take their friend Jeff Chang (played by Justin Chon) out for a drink for his 21st birthday. Chang is initially reluctant as he has an interview of medical school the following day set by his hard-nose dad Mr. Chang. Ultimately, Jeff accepts and goes out for a wild night at the bar with his friends. However, what was supposed to a quick night of a few drinks unexpectedly turns into a night of endless debauchery when the Jeff Chang becomes passed out drunk and Miller and Casey cannot remember where he lives.

While this movie isn't anything original as it follows nearly the same plot as The Hangover, a group of friends who get wasted, lose one of their friends and can't remember what happened the previous night, it surprisingly still brought out the laughs and humor the writers of The Hangover have been made known for. I certainly can't say this rises near the level of The Hangover however. The humor and the dialogue are not as inspired or funny, some of the sex jokes here feel a bit forced and over-the-top, most of which come out of the mouth of Miles Teller's character. There is also a rather heavy use of gross-out humor, the scene in the bathroom at the sorority house, for an example. Then there are some moments that are quite a bit clever. Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, and Justin Chon show some great comedic chemistry with each other. Teller plays Miller who is quite vulgar and raucous, despite the chaos that ensues during their night, while Skylar Astin plays Casey who is more smart and more serious about the situations that takes place. Then Chon who's character spends the majority of the film passed out and heavily intoxicated, subconscious of everything that goes on.

21 & Over is a worthy movie for comedy fans. However, this film could have been better if it wasn't too similar to The Hangover series. Overall, it made me laugh and it had some good moments in it.

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