2048: Nowhere to Run


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Dave Bautista as Sapper Morton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kurgan_uk 9 / 10

The best of the bunch

Having seen all the shorts and the new movie I have to say that this is the most 'Blade Runner' of the 4. It may only be 5 Min's long but for those 5 Min's I felt like was watching a deleted scene from the original. It has the right gritty noir feel to it. Mr Bautista is coming on leaps and bounds with his acting career, big thumbs up here.

Reviewed by Horst in Translation ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Another solid appetizer here

"2048: Nowhere to Run" is a 5-minute live action short film from this year (2017) that is intended to make people more curious about the upcoming Blade Runner movie. The focus in this pretty short work is on Dave Bautista's character and while there is dramatic story-telling early on and he looks clearly older than he does in the recent Bond film, it's back to him beating up some of the bad guys in the second half as he seems to be one of the good guys this time. His unleashing is observed and the spectator informs a higher authority of what just happened and who he is. That's all. Director is Ridley Scott's son Luke like in one of the other Blade Runner short films coming out recently. This one here scored half a million views on YT in half a month, which may not be groundbreaking figures, but still something most people can only dream of. This description also fits the film itself. I liked the watch here and I recommend checking it out. Bautista makes a good job with his very physical acting once again. Go see it.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 8 / 10

Quite Interesting..

Gentle Sapper a replicant unleashes his true power when he sees his loved ones in trouble. Blade Runner 2049 - 2048: Nowhere to Run is the 2nd Short film in the Blade Runner 2049 universe and it was directed by Luke Scott Ridley Scott's son and the original director of Blade Runner (1982). I have to say that Dave Bautista continues to impress me as an actor he was great and hilarious as Drax in GOTG Vol.1 and Vol.2 and he was even great as one of the bad guys in Spectre and his acting in those 5 minutes short film has been improved and i loved where he went berserker and killed those guys and i hope that his character has some amount of screen time instead of getting killed in the first 5 or 10 minutes of a 3 hour movie. (8/10)

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