20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending


Action / Thriller

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Danny Trejo as Angel
Louis Mandylor as Lockeheed
John Hennigan as Razor
Peter Dobson as Jason

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Reviewed by bbickley13-921-58664 2 / 10

Should bury it 20 feet below

Sorry but this movie does not work for we.

Danny Trejo being on the cover was enough for me to watch the film, but too bad his stardom did nothing to make the film better. I've seen him save his fair share of B-movies just by appearing on screen for a few minutes and being bad ass, but this movie is not it.

I did like the concept of a filmmaker documenting the people living in New York City's subway system, with one of them played by Trejo, seeing himself as a messenger of God who slays the wicked, and by wicked I mean the privileged Wall Street types, so obviously he's able to find a group of people willing to help him rid the city of this vermin.

The film making is very lackluster, enough so that the found footage documentary style the film is doing seems so played out. You know the film is cheap just by the fact that they can't get Trejo to even comment to a half hour worth of footage. Not really good when he's your main villain and the most interesting out of his army.

Danny's appearance is truly just a few minutes and it's not worth the trouble to see it just for that. I've seen him make a cameo like apprentice in far better B-movies like, In the Blood, which is worth seeing, so see that.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

Living in the dark

Angel (Danny Trejo) is a tough intellectual anarchist who rules the deep underground of NYC. In the opening scene he kidnaps and kills the wealthy Jason Wells (Peter Dobson) which leads to an unsuccessful police sweep. Jake (Frank Krueger) is an ex-cop who lost his wife, rules the area between the streets and Angel's world. Chelsea (Kinga Philipps) is a reporter who successfully gets an interview with Angel and then takes her time leaving the tunnels.

Jake's speeches on his lost love were as badly written and delivered as Angel's anarchy fluff. In fact the whole film had a nausea that reminded me of "Billy Jack."

The film is supposed to be a metaphor about living in the dark and alone with Jake representing the microcosm and the underworld the macrocosm. It was done rather sloppily with unrealistic characters.

For Trejo fans it is far better than "Voodoo Possession" but not as good as "Bullet." Can't wait for "Volcano Zombies."

No sex or nudity. I don't recall any F-bombs.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Homeless thriller doesn't know what it wants to be

I watched this under the title DARKNESS DESCENDS which is a little more palatable than the original. Sadly as it turns out this thriller is a complete waste of time, with a plot that just meanders along without anything in the way of purpose or drive. It's just another example of Danny Trejo grabbing a pay cheque while not really caring about the quality of the material in which he appears.

The story is supposedly about a young and bland film maker who is making a documentary about the plight of the homeless living beneath New York (although the movie was filmed in Los Angeles, which is a poor substitute). There's a lot of discussion with weird characters living beneath the streets and by weird characters I mean actors giving exaggerated, caricaturish performances. Trejo is some gang leader trying to unite his followers with some semi-religious speeches to start a new war against mankind.

The problem with DARKNESS DESCENDS is that it has no idea what type of film it wants to be. There are a few thriller aspects but they take up less than half of the running time. The dialogue is heavy and dull. There are even a few fight scenes but an action film this isn't. The whole thing is shot on the cheap in close up shots and the ending just fizzles away to nothing. It's not worth your time.

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