2 Guns


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Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 7 / 10

2 Guns

I missed this film on TV a couple of times, I remember it obviously for the two leading actors, I couldn't guess anything about the plot from the title, so I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised, directed by Baltasar Kormákur (Contraband, Everest). Basically criminals Robert "Bobby" Trench (Denzel Washington) and Michael "Stig" Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) are planning to $3 million stashed in the vault of the Tres Cruces bank. Unknown to Stig, Bobby is an undercover DEA agent trying to convict Manny "Papi" Greco (Edward James Olmos) in Mexico, he failed to acquire to use as evidence, so he plans to prosecute Pape with money laundering, he will remain undercover until after the robbery. While Bobby is having a rendezvous with fellow DEA agent and former lover Deb Rees (Paula Patton), he is unaware that Stig is also undercover, he is an Intelligence Specialist with the Navy SEALs, he has been instructed to kill Bobby so the Navy can use the stolen money to fund unauthorised covert operations. During the heist, Bobby and Stig are surprised to find $43.125 million in the vault, after the heist, Stig follows the orders of his commanding officer LCDR Harold Quince (James Marsden), to betray Bobby and escape with the money. But Stig is unwilling to kill Bobby, he shoots him in the shoulder, a flesh wound, then he sees Bobby's DEA badge, not sure what to think, he leaves Bobby in the desert and takes the money. Stig meets with Quince, who tries to kill him when he learns what happened, Stig escapes after learning the money will be transferred to a Navy base in Corpus Christi. Meanwhile a man named Earl (Bill Paxton), head of a shadowy organisation, aggressively interrogates the Tres Cruces bank manager about the stolen money, he tracks Bobby's movements. Bobby goes to Stig's apartment to find where he took the money, Sniper however is outside, watching with a sniper's rifle, Quince has sent a hit squad to attack the apartment, but Bobby and Stig escape. Bobby visits his superior DEA Special Agent Jessup (Robert John Burke) to tell him what happened, but Earl and his men are waiting for him, Earl kills Jessup, frames Bobby for the murder, he makes a deal with Bobby if the $43 million is returned, he will be cleared. Bobby and Stig kidnap Papi to interrogate him in the garage at Deb's house, they find out Earl is a black ops operative to whom Papi reports, and that the stolen money belongs to the CIA. The garage is attacked by another hit squad, led by Quince, the trio end up being captured by Papi and taken to his farm in Mexico, after beating them and receiving a visit from Earl, the pair are given 24 hours to steal the money from the Navy and return it, or Deb will die. At the base, infiltrating Quince's office, Bobby discovers Quince is Deb's boyfriend, they had planned to steal the money for themselves, meanwhile Stig asks Admiral Tuwey (Fred Ward), but Tuway does not the scandal to tarnish the Navy's reputation, Quince evades arrest, as does Stig. Bobby is unable to find the money and thinks it is too late to save Deb, but then he realises the money is stashed in a motel room he and Deb frequented, he goes to help Stig, who is returning to Papi's farm alone to exact revenge. At the farm, Stig is surrounded by Papi's men until both Quince and Earl intervene, Bobby arrives in a car filled with the money, and then blows up the car, scattering the money everywhere, which leads to a massive shootout. During a standoff among Quince, Earl, Bobby and Stig, Earl reveals the CIA have 20 other secret banks, the loss of $43.125 million is only a minor setback, Stig shoots Earl, and Bobby shoots Quince, finally the duo shoot Papi outside. In the end, Bobby and Stig escape, allowing the locals to pick up the million of dollars for themselves, Bobby shoots Stig in the leg as payback for shooting him in the shoulder, they plan to take down the CIA's secret banks and sabotage their black operations, but Bobby reveals to Stig he did not blow up all the money, he has stashed some away. Also starring Patrick Fischler as Dr. Ken, Evie Thompson as Patsy, Dr. Ken's Assistant and Greg Sproles as Chief Lucas. Washington and Wahlberg are perfectly cast as the wisecracking leads, bouncing razor- sharp banter back and forth, and Olmos as the drug kingpin and Paxton being sinister are terrific bad guys, it is a botched up bank job turning into a game of cat-and-mouse with the mob, with well-paced chase sequences, explosions and all guns blazing action, but leaving enough room for a clever plot and twists, a great fun crime drama. Very good!

Reviewed by areatw 5 / 10

Decent time-passer but nothing more

'2 Guns' is a middling comedy/action buddy cop movie that's already been done a million times before, and in many cases a lot better. It's the type of film that you watch passively, without caring much for any of what happens, and then forget that you even watched it come the next day. It's moderately entertaining though, with some well-crafted action scenes and the odd decent laugh, but nothing to make you sit up and take notice.

This film could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for Wahlberg and Washington's on screen chemistry. In many ways their entertaining partnership distracts us from the generic material and plot and is one of the film's few positives. Other than that, '2 Guns' is a very average and instantly forgettable action flick. A decent time passer, but nothing more.

Reviewed by david-sarkies 7 / 10

Enter the Grey Area

Well, I guess you could consider this to be a buddy cop movie, but also one of those movies where the main characters are crooks – sort of. Well, at first you think they are, namely because they are sitting in a diner talking about robbing a bank that happens to be across the road, and also making a comment that one should never rob a bank that happens to be across the road from a really good donut shop (so they proceed to blow the donut shop up). Well, it quickly becomes apparent that these two guys aren't actually crooks, but rather one of them happens to be a DEA agent and the other happens to be Naval Intelligence, it is just that neither know who the other actually is. As for the bank – well, it happens to be the safe deposit for a drug dealer.

Actually, this happens to be one of those films where not everything is actually as it seems. As I mentioned the two main characters at first appear to be crooks, but then turn out to actually be the good guys, though one sort of wanders whether there is any such thing as a good guy or a bad guy in a world that is becoming ever more grey. As for the money, well, I really don't want to give too much away because as I indicated, not everything is as it seems, though you do sort of wonder whether it is actually feasible for a member of naval intelligence and a DEA agent to actually rob a bank. Then again, one also wonders whether it is actually right for the intelligence services to extort criminal organisations out of money so as not to bust them.

This was a rather fun film, though also pretty gritty as well, and in a way it seems to be the direction a lot of films have been heading for the last twenty-five years. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, other than Islamic terrorists (which I have to admit are pretty boring when it comes down to it), there hasn't been a decent external bad guy to constantly throw our heroes at, so all of the sudden the government, or even rogue elements within the government, suddenly become the baddies. A part of me was thinking that maybe this had something to do with Hollywood's left leaning elements – because Hollywood, which happens to be a union town, has always seem to drift to the left, at least socially (how many unmarried couples are there in Hollywood movies that have waited til they got married to have sex?). However, the idea of the government being the bad guy is a very libertarian concept.

Another thing that seems to jump out of this film is how our heroes have turned out to be loners of late – in a sense the guys that they thought they could rely upon are no longer reliable. In one sense we have their allies getting shot, or otherwise they simply are betrayed and left hung out to dry. However I guess the admiral was partially right when he pointed out that naval officers do not rob banks, and if they are ordered to do so by a superior officer then they probably should start questioning the integrity of that officer. In the end there is following orders, and there is following orders, and as the Nazi's found out, there actually is no defense when it comes to following orders.

So, in the end, I didn't mind this film at all. It is fun, and if you like those gritty cops dramas where there are a multitude of twists and turns, then you would probably enjoy this one. While I wouldn't go as far as calling it a 'hidden gem', it is fun and worth wasting a couple of hours to watch.

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