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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 1 / 10


The fact that this centuries' trifecta doomsday dates ended at 12/12/12 did not deter the folks at Asylum. Never should the facts stand in the way of a horror film. For some reason "we" were never meant to have a leap year, but rather "we" were supposed to add a month every 120 years. Apparently the creation of artificial calendars has a profound effect on people. On this new calender date of 13/13/13 people suddenly go into a berserker mode for no real reason and people born on Feb 29 are unaffected most likely for the same reason, whatever that is...my guess is angering the calendar god of an extinct civilization.

Okay, it is easy to overlook plot point stupidity in a horror film, especially Asylum. This creates a zombie like atmosphere where a small group of people (in this case 2) must battle against raging hordes of humanity who also like to kill each other and themselves. Jack (Trae Ireland) our main character takes his divorced wife (Calico Cooper) to the hospital leaving his daughter Kendra (Tiffany Martinez) alone with his redneck buddies. When all hell breaks lose he wants to go back home to try to find his daughter who wasn't born on Feb 29...

That is the story. There are gallons of blood all over the place with the opening scene being a sad display of special make-up. There is an unreasonable amount of F-bomb dropping with an uncomfortable scene with 12 year old Kendra crudely asking a grown man if he wants to have relations with her making this unrated film unsuitable for most people.

This is not the direction Asylum needs to go.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity. Sex talk.

Reviewed by huh_oh_i_c 7 / 10

Yes!/Yes/!Yes! Highlight: the girl!

Even the most dimwitted reviewer should know by now that we can't hold the no-budget stuff of the Asylums mock-busters up to the same standard as we do Hollywood productions.

We must judge this film in relation to that, not some lofty blah blah goal.

As a mockbuster then, this film does pretty well. The acting is pretty decent, and more importantly, the script is (while lacking in sophistication) also free from gross error: - they don't say horrible illogical things - they aren't any holes in the script - there are only a few suspend your belief moments So, given the premisse the script sets, all things follow pretty logically.

The movie is about a recently divorced father and cop, Jack, (Trae Ireland), who is on a camping trip with 3 friends. While there, he notices the number 13 popping up everywhere. When he picks up his daughter from his estranged wife, he sees that she's gone insane. While he brings her to the hospital, we see that his friends, babysitting his daughter are also all slowly going crazy.

Highpoint is the scene between his 11 year old daughter (played by 12 year old Tiffany Martinez) and Trevor, one of his buddies. She's impeccable as a faul mouthed mocker of Trevors attempt to fondle her... or do worse. In revenge-porn fashion, she satisfyingly bashes his head in, even though we don't really know that he IS a (potential) childrapist. Miss Martinez outshines Chloe Moretz (who too F---ed this and that a lot) because Martinez uses the F-word in it's original use, which is: to have sex, or rather, fornicate.

Of course the movie has some minor flaws: - A suspend belief moment on how Jack and Candice can escape the house, while surrounded by crazies. - A flimsy and late explanation of the craziness: anyone NOT born in a leap year is exempt from craziness.

But the acting is good, special mention: Jacks buddies and the parking garage crazies.

Also, the woman and the child actor could have a tat more attractive, but I guess it's hard to find decent 12 year old actresses willing to say lines like "Do you wanna f---- me, Trevor?".

And to all other negative reviewers: Dude!!! We're not talking Shakespeare or the Mona Lisa here! Get a grip!

The Melancholic Alcoholic.

Reviewed by Nephalen . 1 / 10

This movie sucks

Ever since I saw this movie I can't fight the headaches anymore. For days I've been suffering nausea and irritable bowel syndrome. I can't sleep because every time I think of this movie I vomit all over myself.

Bad actors, stupid plot, The editing is awful and unnecessary scenes drag on forever for no particular reason while other scenes are so short they make no sense at all. On multiple occasions you can see the film crew, actors switch places between cuts, wounds appear from out of nowhere. Although... I almost feel like I could forgive all of the above if it were not for the simple fact that most of the blood that's in the movie looks like either diarrhea or strawberry jam. All I could see were walls painted with poop. I rate this movie 0/10.

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