127 Hours


Action / Adventure / Biography / Drama / Thriller

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Lizzy Caplan as Sonja
Kate Mara as Kristi
James Franco as Aron Ralston
Amber Tamblyn as Megan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ffcfalcon 8 / 10

You may be dying but the world moves on

You may be dying but the world moves on. That is the naked truth about our existence and the main allegory written in the stimulating visual experience provided by Danny Boyle in his latest film. 127 Hours is a wonderful metaphor for solitude and for the importance of what life means at an individual level. It enhances the indescribable experience of having a family, friends and love, but most of all cherishes the meaning of human contact. Solitude is perceived as being bearable and a lot of times needed but seldom is viewed as being fulfilling. Only when the epiphany pops into our minds, we realize what we have been missing. It is a common and frustrating fact. Nonetheless, Danny Bolyle's achievement allows a new and fresh take on this theme. The director shows the audiences that life happens when they least expect. And truth be told, there is a bright place for those who abandon their egotistical "independence" and start sharing the events that life provides.

Telling a story about a man who is stuck in the same place for such an extensive period of time is definitely not easy. Danny Boyle described the picture as "an action movie in which the hero doesn't move" and he certainly took the challenge. With this in mind, two main conclusions can be withdrawn from Boyle's work: 1) He was able to maintain the action dynamic and the viewers engaged through a series of devices that allow them to be interested not only on the hero's present condition but also in his past and, quite possibly, his future. The mind behind Trainspotting entered the psyche of his new hero and gave it a shape and a texture that transformed the general perception. The empathy towards the character grew and from that moment on the audience grabbed the hook. He was able to dissect James Franco's character thoughts and desires in a moment of extreme physical and psychological agony.

2) It was extremely hard to be inventive in such scenario and some techniques proved to be tiresome. In certain moments during the movie, Danny Boyle seemed to be trying to hard when having a simpler approach looked like to be more successful. He stylized the action in a way that doesn't always work even considering that he established his filmmaking style from the very beginning.

With regards to the main performer, it is only fair to praise James Franco's enactment. It is a truly astonishing tour-de-force that will probably be mentioned during the Oscar nominations. He's not only charming and witty but his personality fills the screen with such a great talent. It is very gratifying to observe his evolution according to the character's state of mind.

127 Hours is a quite remarkable achievement. There's the ability to pick up a true straightforward story about survival and courage and enhance it through a sheer composition of good sense without falling on the old American cliché. This story does not try to be epic or monumental. It tries to be honest and true. And we, as viewers, don't feel cheated or slapped across the face, and that is really all we could ask for.

Reviewed by AdrenalinDragon 8 / 10

A simple plot based on a true story that kept me on the edge of my seat!

You know, when I first heard about this movie. I didn't really know what to expect, as all I knew was it was based on a true story about a guy getting stuck in a canyon due to a boulder. I decided to give it a shot and well, I was amazed by this movie. Danny Boyle continues to give us impressive cinematography and incredible performances in his movie, thanks to James Franco, who plays as Aron Ralston, the mountain climber who gets stuck under the boulder if you didn't already know.

I'm not going to go into any big spoilers, but it was amazing to see how the movie builds up to the main plot. After getting stuck under a boulder for 5 days, you're probably thinking "How is this movie going to stay entertaining?". Well, we witness some attempts of Aron trying to get out of the boulder, as well as using the equipment he brought with him with his backpack to try and survive. He also tries to keep himself awake so that he can live long enough to not die. When all normal attempts to escape fail, as a last resort, he does something very terrifying to get out. When this scene happened, I had to turn away in parts due to how extreme it was!

With good uses of hallucinations and flashbacks to keep the story flowing, Danny Boyle has managed to make this movie as realistic as possible. Great music, great filming, and stunning performance. 127 Hours is a fantastic movie about a real-life incident that may be too disturbing to watch for some people, but I'd consider it a must see on all grounds. Definitely worthy of getting nominated for Best Picture at least surely?

Reviewed by remakesramistake 7 / 10

Not Boyle's best movie but sure one of Franc's best performances.

When James Franco is not busy doing spectacular comedies with his buddy Seth Rogen he chooses to deal with interesting projects. And this movie is one of them. 127 hours is a story of survival and the desire to live. But it's also a movie based on real events and as we know this is a lot of times really risky to adapt to the big screen. Fortunately the director of the movie is long time favorite Danny Boyle. Trainspotting's talented is aware of the risks and he makes all the right moves making the film enjoyable. He makes the movie short and straight to the point with the right amount of thrills and a little bit of light hearted comedy in the start. But the most important aspect of the movie it's the one man performance from the main star. James Franco for me is a mediocre actor. But he is a smart guy. He chooses his steps really carefully and most of the times the results are spot on. This happens also in "127 hours". He manages to lift the whole movie in his shoulders and captivates you with his entire presence for 90 minutes. I'm not really font of biopic movies myself but I have to say this film made me have a really good time. It has its thrills and is a fine tribute to human resolve. It's not of course Danny Boyle's best movie but is a nice movie overall and it will make you stay in your seat for it's entire time.

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