12 Rounds 3: Lockdown


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 3058


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Lochlyn Munro as Darrow
Ty Olsson as Harris
Roger R. Cross as Burke
Daniel Cudmore as Gideon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barrisambaris 1 / 10

Awful. Awful, awful. Pls don't watch

This movie is crap. In fact I had to sign up with IMDb to review it. Where do I start from? Oh yes the acting. The lead protagonist Shaw can't even act to save his life. His expressions are flat and the same throughout the movie. The rest of the actors apart from the main villain carried themselves like morons throughout. Shaw got shot yet he didn't like it. He didn't favor the bad hand and kept moving it the way he liked. And when Shaw killed the only female villain, the next person who shot at him had a clear view of Shaw's upper body. There was nothing protecting him. Yet this guy shot speedily at the desk allowing Shaw to escape. Why? The script told him to.

The plot of the movie was weak. Very weak. Are we to believe a precinct can be locked down just like that? Some things were just too hard to believe. Like the fact that Shaw, someone who could barely nail a good shot during practice was so good at it under pressure, killing all the bad guys with his expertise. And why did Burke keep hesitating to kill Shaw? He had all the time to do it. And I just can't believe capt Matthews was a bad cop. It seemed desperate. And the worst of all was when the guy watching the cameras stopped an upload sent from the central monitor in the server room. That is impossible. The central monitor controls every other monitor and network. A client network cannot stop it. It was so dumb.

I never want to watch something like this again. Ever. It had no redeemable feature. The sequence of actions were out of place. It was Just awful. Don't waste your time. Don't watch this.

Reviewed by Prismark10 1 / 10

Shoot down

Wrestler Dean Ambrose is cop John Shaw who returns to duty after being shot and his partner getting killed. Shaw needed psychiatric counselling. His first day back on the job ends up being far from rosy.

Shaw finds evidence and saves it in a flash drive that the star officer in the precinct Tyler Burke leads a team of crooked cops. When Burke finds out he evacuates the police station in a bogus fire scare and puts in on lockdown so he and his unit could hunt down Shaw who only has 12 bullets in his gun and seems incapable to find any more. Then again as you watch the film you figure that when brains were handed out he was at the back of the line.

The film is inept. Die Hard on the cheap. Ambrose shows little charisma or action abilities. The plot is garbage. I could never figure why Shaw never made a copy of the drive or save it elsewhere. Also I never figured how Burke would realistically pin all the deaths on Shaw. The forensics would not match. Several times Shaw is saved because of external factors nothing to with any cunning or planning by the main star.

The previous 12 round films were passable and had some decent action. This was just bad.

Reviewed by Mark Turner 6 / 10

Better then expected

It seems that World Wrestling Entertainment is determined to get into all forms of entertainment, not just sports entertainment. Not only have wrestlers had their own comic books but a number have been placed in starring film vehicles. Some were good, some okay and some terrible. Fortunately the third of the 12 ROUNDS films isn't too bad.

Wrestler Dean Ambrose stars as John Shaw, a tough as nails cop recently returned to duty after being shot on the job. Few fellow officers want to work with Shaw as the incident that led to his being wounded also resulted in the death of his partner and Shaw needing psychiatric counseling. Needless to say his first day back on the job won't be easy.

It becomes worse when evidence reaches Shaw that his ex-partner and the star officer in the station, Tyler Burke, is actually a corrupt cop who makes more from his illegal activities than he does as an officer. Burke is the head of a task force assigned to take down crooks but instead the elite team makes up his band of bandits. Drug deals and more do little more than line the pockets of Burke and his crew.

Word gets to Burke that the evidence is in the station house and he heads back to get it from the evidence lockup only to find that Shaw has it already. Staging an emergency, Burke empties the station house with the exception of his team and Shaw, cutting off all phones and cell phones as well. Armed with his handgun, a small amount of ammunition and his cunning, Shaw must battle his way through the team and find a way to get the information to the right authorities if he is to survive.

The movie borrows heavily from the DIE HARD films in set up and execution but not to the point of being a copy. It also doesn't borrow the screenwriter as this film tends to offer some truly bad dialogue that the actors on hand deal with but can't make better. It's shot well and directed well for the low budget style of film it is and in the end doesn't disappoint on most counts.

Ambrose is a rising star right now in the wrestling world but the odds of his turning that into a movie star aren't likely with this film. I'll give him credit for at least making the attempt but this feels like what it is, the first film for someone stepping into an arena he isn't familiar with yet. That being said the end results aren't that bad for a first time out. Given time, more roles and a little instruction and Ambrose has the potential many sports figures turned actors don't display.

The standout here though is Roger Cross as Burke. My first exposure to Cross was on the TV series 24 where he played Curtis Manning. Even given some terrible dialogue in spots here he makes it fit. He pulls off what could have been a more cartoon-like role and makes it somewhat believable. This is an actor worth looking for in the future.

The end result of this film is that it offers some entertainment value for action fans and a definite dose of Ambrose for wrestling fans. It's not a bad movie at all but it's not blockbuster status either. It makes for a fun rental night but only fans will want to add it to their collections.

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