12 Deaths of Christmas



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

It is time to face our demons.

Vanessa (Claire-Maria Fox) and her daughter Amy (Faye Goodwin) are going to spend Christmas at grandpa's (Tony Manders) because her husband likes younger women. There is a back story with a curse and missing children concerning an incident that happened a few decades ago. It involves folklore (urban legend in the film) concerning Frau Perchta (Tara MacGowran) aka Mother Krampus. It seems she comes around randomly to get children, but also can be summoned like Bloody Mary/Candyman because this wasn't that great of a script until we get to the twist or explanatory ending. And by then it was too late.

Certainly not the worst Krampus film out there. Clair-Marie Fox and Tara MacGowran should have swapped roles.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by janmarju 2 / 10

No, hell no!

Instead of this movie going from 0 to 60, it went from 60 to 0. It started out like it was going to be a good movie, but somewhere towards the middle right down to the end it became horrible. The story line was good, but the acting and directing started to suck, it seems like the actors lost their scripts, gave up and started improvising. The acting was bad and the movie turned ridiculous. Save yourself 1:28:45!

Reviewed by Steal_masters 3 / 10

Not worth the time unless you are just in it for the gore

The movie starts out confusing and just snowballs. As clues to what is happening are revealed, and the identity of Frau Perchta/Molly (Why the heck call her Mother Krampus?) is revealed it just gets more baffling. When the movie wrapped up I had more questions than answers as to what they were trying to say. The surface plot was really tossed together too fast to leave anyone who wants to think about their movies satisfied.

Overall, I would skip this movie unless you are just watching it to see some people die, and don't really care what is going on.

Also the original title makes much more sense, Krampus has NOTHING to do with this. Should have left it 'The 12 deaths of Christmas'. Neither title really works but the latter at least isn't a huge lie.

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