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Luke Evans as Lewis
Kelly Reilly as Cathy
Noel Clarke as Dennis
Olivia Chenery as Alana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nebk 4 / 10

Mediocrity In A Cell

10x10 is a by the numbers (pun intended) mystery thriller starring Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly in principle roles as a kidnapper (Lewis) and his victim (Cathy). The movie starts of interestingly if unrealistically enough when Cathy is kidnapped in broad daylight in front of a shopping mall. From there onwards what ensues is supposed to be a cat and mouse game between the two with the kidnappers motive becoming explained as well as the fact that Cathy is not an innocent victim in the story.

The relatively good aspects of the film are the acting by the two main characters and the nice house in which most of the movie takes place. The poor aspects of the movie are the increasingly weak story and the fact that Cathy has 3-4 excellent chances to overpower Lewis and subdue him and yet she gets recaptured every time. When the explanation is finally offered for the whole mess, the movie becomes even less believable as Cathy is actually a murderer who killed Lewis's wife and other patients in a hospital where she worked as a nurse. So this supposed Angel Of Death who had numerous chances to escape and/or kill her kidnapper allowed herself to be captured a number of times. It just doesn't add up.

Overall a poor thriller that could have been better if care was taken to develop the characters and make their actions more believable.

Reviewed by VioleTAK 2 / 10

Can't get over how extremely poor script was...

Honestly it was so hard to get through this movie... One poor scene after another., where nothing made sense.

The woman kept beating his ass to the ground, yet she always left him in a fine state ready to overtake her again, until the end where she turns into some kind of monster.

I have no idea how this movie keeps a score above 3, which would still be a kindness.

Reviewed by Moviecritic 1 / 10

10X10= 0 = worst movie in a long time!!

I don't know where to begin. It made no sense from beginning to end. Most of what I will expose is pretty much already in the trailer, however, this wealthy guy had zero plan to kidnap her. All done in the wide open constantly exposing himself to getting caught. You'll see if you ever bother to watch it, which I don't recommend.

You have to buy a bunch of things that don't make any sense logically.

For example, that a weaker woman can overpower a guy pretty much over and over again. That the guy, even though he keeps seeing he can't trust her, will constantly open up room for her to fight back, like putting a gun on the table next to him while having her sit across from him with a knife aiming at him. Mind you, this is after she attacked him like 5 times, but apparently, he doesn't mind getting attacked. She becomes like Jason from Friday the 13th.

So apparently he builds a secret room in his house just for her, but willing to abandon that and the house... why? No reason.

This movie is SO ridiculous one scene after another. nothing worse than seeing unrealistically dumb characters that do stuff that no one would ever do.

I'm sorry, ladies, but biology, unfortunately, gave men a lot more strength to the majority of men compared to women, and this case is no exception, except in the fantasy land of feminists. But that all made sense once you see who directed the film.

Which, takes me to the next point, which is there is a certain amount of complaints from women in Hollywood over equal pay, which I think may be misdirected. Instead, they should complain that so many movies have foreign actors replace American roles, like this one. All the leads were English, but playing American roles. We can hear the bad accents. Please stop replacing this many parts with foreigners playing American parts when there are so many struggling actors in Hollywood that need the work.

I could write a screenplay of how many problems there were, but I suggest you skip it.

If you want to see a good film directed by woman see any of the following:

Near Dark by Kathryn Bigelow. Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola Monster by Patty Jenkins American Psycho by Mary Harron Big by Penny Marshall Deep impact by Mimi Leder What women want by Nancy Meyers Little Miss Sunshine - Valerie Faris Fast Times at Ridgemont High by Amy Heckerling

There are many others, but those are good and gender isn't injected into the film because at the end of the day, who cares who directed the film, just don't make us aware of who did, especially if you infuse themes of race and/or gender into it that make it obvious.

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