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Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arthurw421 3 / 10

Great idea but hard to watch

This film has a great idea: following a dollar bill as it changes hands, through a cast of mostly dysfunctional gritty characters, through a tale of murder, alcohol, sex, redneck racism, and drugs in Louisiana. What's not to like?

Only a few things:

1. The script

2. The acting

3. Wiggle-cam (not enough to induce nausea, but definitely enough to be annoying, intrusive, and an affectation).

This is one of those films where it's hard to tell what's worse, the acting or the script.

I think it's a tie.

The cinematography is well crafted at times, if you can see through the wiggle-cam, but not enough to redeem the rest.

I sat through the whole thing, but it was difficult.

Reviewed by the_doofy 1 / 10

First two reviews got deleted

This is one of those movies that has the gimmick of being in the gutter. By this I mean language is constantly pervasive, there is pervasive smoking, graphic drug use, lots of alcohol use, prostitution, this spectrum applies to police personnel while on duty no less.

And while its Its not uncommon for gutter movies to do well, as some viewers look for these kind of movies, its followed by a very predictable story line and poor acting. I feel bad for a host of indie movies so much better than this thing across the spectrum.

Poorly done movie in so many ways who's makers are keeping honest reviews off the web

Reviewed by melissaschumacher 10 / 10

Beautiful and Dark

Captivatingly told story of pain, deception, and the struggle for life. Makes you take a hard look at the darkness within your own humanity. Beautifully shot with actors who bring truth (flaws and all) to their stories.

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